Spring 2017 Exam Information Available

The Spring 2017 Exam Schedule and Exam Policies are available.

It is imperative that you pay particular attention to the Exam Policies as a whole, especially the first three sections: “EXAM SCHEDULING”, “COMMENTS” and “EXAM MONITORING & RULES” for pertinent information regarding declaration of a hardship as well as exam procedures and conduct. 

Notes related to exams:

  • The following course sections  MAY NOT be hardshipped:  200-3; 203-2; 206-2; 306-2, 2P; and 453-0, 0P.
  • Multiple room assignments for certain exams, e.g., 1301 ->1302, indicates that you should first report to room 1301 for administration of the exam, then proceed to room 1302 to take the exam.  In some cases, some students may remain in room 1301 while others move to room 1302.  The professor or monitor will give specific instructions regarding this matter at the appropriate time.
  • Your anonymous exam number is available via the law school intranet.
  • Hardship petitions will be available during the week of March 27th.