Academic Calendar

Fall Term 2019

August 5 Monday LLM Orientation Begins
August 9 Friday JD 1L Foundations Week Begins
August 19 Monday Classes Begin
JD Upper Level, LLM, SJD, and MSL
September 2 Monday Labor Day Holiday
October 10-11 Thursday – Friday Fall Break
November 26 Tuesday Follow Thursday Class Schedule
JD, LLM, and SJD
November 27-29 Wednesday – Friday Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2 Monday Classes End
Follow Friday Class Schedule
December 3-4 Tuesday – Wednesday Reading Days
December 5 Thursday Exams Begin for Upper-Level Classes
December 6 Friday Exams Begin for 1Ls
December 16 Monday Exams End for 1Ls
December 18 Wednesday Exams End for Upper-Level Classes
December 19 – January 8 Thursday – Wednesday Winter Recess
January 3 Friday Final Grades Due for All Students

Spring Term 2020

January 8 Wednesday Classes Begin
Follow Monday Class Schedule
January 20 Monday MLK Holiday
March 9-13 Monday – Friday Spring Break
April 22 Wednesday Classes End
April 23-24 Thursday – Friday Reading Days
April 27 Monday Exams Begin for Upper Level Classes
April 29 Wednesday Exams Begin for 1Ls
May 5 Tuesday Exams End for Upper Level Classes
May 8 Friday Exams End for 1Ls
May 8 Friday Grades Due for 3Ls, MSLs, SJDs, and LLMs
May 17 Sunday Hooding
May 18 Monday Commencement
May 26 Tuesday Final Grades Due for 1Ls and 2Ls

Summer Term 2020

May 19 Tuesday Classes Begin
Full Summer Term & Summer Session 1
June 19 Friday Classes End
Summer Session 1
June 30 Tuesday Classes Begin
Summer Session 2
July 31 Friday Classes End
Full Summer Term & Summer Session 2
August 3 Monday Exams Begin
August 7 Friday Exams End