Self Scheduled Exam Procedures & Rules

Fall 2019 revisions are indicated in red

Exam Distribution

Examinations administered by the Registrar’s Office under the Self-Scheduled Examination System, not including take-home examinations and self-scheduled exams administered by Administrative Assistants, will be distributed in Room 1106 by the law school’s exam room proctors during the following times:

  • Between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., from Thursday, December 5, 2019, through Monday, December 16, 2109. 
  • Self-scheduled exams administered by the Registrar’s Office will NOT be available for pick-up on Saturdays and Sundays. 
  • No self-directed examinations may be taken on the last scheduled day of examinations.
  • Take home examinations will be distributed by the faculty member’s administrative assistant in accordance with the professor’s guidelines.
  • Self-scheduled exams will be taken in room 1107.  Thus, once you pick up your exam in room 1106, you should proceed across the hallway to room 1107.
Students will be required to show their current student identification cards when requesting an examination.


Self-scheduled examinations must be completed within the allotted time and returned to room 1106 no later than 5:00 p.m.  Thus, you must calculate your pick-up time accordingly, especially for those student s who receive the special accommodation of extra time.

Time Limits

Students are solely responsible for ascertaining the amount of time allowed for each examination they are taking. If a student has any question about the length of time they are allowed for any given examination, they must verify the allotted time with the registrar’s office before picking up the examination.

  • There will be two automatic time/date stamping clocks in classroom 1106.  Students must stamp the examination packet taken with the time and date upon leaving the room, and with the time and date of when they return the examination to the proctor in classroom 1106. The student is responsible to ensure the time and date stamps are present on their examinations.
  • The law school’s examination proctor will compare the start and end times of the returned examination. If the time stamps fall within the allotted time as stated on the instructions, the proctor will check the examination back in as complete.

When an examination exceeds the allotted time:

  • Students are granted a 5-minute grace period in order to allow for travel time to and from Exam Central, classroom 1106. Any examination returned within the 5-minute grace period will be checked back in as complete.
  • If an examination is returned beyond the 5-minute grace period, the law school examination proctor will fill out the Registrar’s Examination Incident Report and bring the examination in question to the registrar’s office for verification of the time used.
  • Any examination returned to the registrar’s office shall be verified against the official examination accommodation list. If the examination in question falls within the student’s accommodation, the examination will be returned to Exam Central in classroom 1106 and checked back in as complete.
  • If the Registrar determines that a student exceeded their allotted time, the examination will be forwarded to the Executive Associate Dean, Academic Affairs for investigation.

Exam Rules

If you think there is an error, including a typographical error, that affects the nature of the examination question, please answer the question based on the most reasonable resolution of the error, state explicitly the error and your resolution in the exam answer unless the problem is with a multiple choice question.  If in a multiple choice question, state the error and your resolution on the first page of the examination.


Exam Room Departure

When a student leaves the exam room for any reason, the student must complete a check out/check in sheet.  The student must print their name, sign their name, and indicate the time out; then upon return they must indicate the time returned.  It is imperative that this process is completed for each and every student who leaves the exam room each and every time! This form must be maintained by the exam monitor assigned to each and every exam room.  This form must be returned to the Registrar’s Office along with the exams.  The previous policy that students may not take exam materials or cell phones with them, and they must not converse with other students while out of the exam room remains in effect.


Smart Watches and Cell Phones

No Apple or any type of Smart watches are allowed on the student’s body and in the student’s exam workspace during exams unless the exam instructions affirmatively allows access to the Internet.


Smartphones also must be stored outside of the student’s body and exam workspace during exams unless the exam instructions affirmatively allows access to the Internet.


Electronic ear buds are not permitted during exams.


Other Devices with on/off switches

Other than your computer, if required for your exam, do not bring any other device to the exam room. The one exception is for LL.M. students who have permission to use a hand-held language dictionary. Those devices are permitted unless an individual professor has told the Registrar’s office that he/she does not allow them for a particular exam.


Exam Materials

Students are not permitted to bring anything into the examination room other than the materials required for the examination as specified in advance by the faculty member.


Honor Code

Students are reminded they are bound by the Honor Code and should not discuss a self-directed examination during the scheduled examination period.