J. D. Transfer of Credit

Wake Forest Students Visiting Away

The Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may grant a Wake Forest student the right to visit at another law school for one or two semesters if the student can show “special need.” Examples of “special need” include, but are not limited to: engagement or marriage to a person who lives a sufficient distance from Winston-Salem so that continued enrollment at Wake Forest constitutes a hardship; specialized training available at the other school that is not available at Wake Forest. Examples that would not constitute “special need” include, but are not limited to: a desire to study closer to home; lower tuition at another school; greater ease in preparing for another state’s bar exam; placement opportunities.

Grades earned as a visiting student do not transfer to a student’s Wake Forest record, nor are they included in the student’s record for purposes of calculating rank in class. Only course credits earned at the visited law school are transferred to the student’s record. However, in order for course credits earned elsewhere to transfer as course credits for the Wake Forest JD degree, a visiting student must earn a grade of “C” or better in the course. Visiting students must obtain approval of all courses taken at the visited school from the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Transfer Students

Please see our policies for Transfer Students.